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Detectd is a sophisticated deepfake detection platform

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Detectd is a deepfake detection platform that uses the same technology to detect deepfakes that is used to create them- Artificial Intelligence. We have developed a sophisticated deep neural network that can analyse videos at a level unmatchable by any other solution, for example - the subject’s consistency in the blinking of an eye, in the video. We study the video as a whole- both on the spatial and temporal dimensions before concluding whether it’s a deepfake or not. Our model is trained on the ImageNet dataset consisting of 14 million images in addition to the sophisticated datasets-Face Forensics++ and Deepfake Detection Challenge Dataset with about 7500 videos- containing both real and real-world deepfake videos.

We are in the fight against dis-information warfare by providing Detectd to the institutions and individuals who require it; to protect the idea of democracy, help maintain peaceful societies, safeguard people’s reputation and counter the bad actors from deceiving, manipulating and influencing the public.